Thursday, February 9, 2012

Returning to Life as Usual

Obviously the past year has been full of changes for me, so it feels great to finally be settling back in (to knitting and life in California). It's been a bit of a knitting dry spell for me lately. There were lots or reasons why I wasn't knitting, but one really great reason I got back into the swing: a new knitting group. Not to belittle the importance of my fellow WLKA-ers, because without them I don't know where I'd be (knitting or other-wise), but having a group of people to knit with is such a wonderful thing! Looking back on my knitting career, I remember that it was always being around people who knit (and often knitting-along, thanks Jess) that ended past dry-spells.

When a few girls at work (P.S. I'm officially full-time employed!) decided they wanted to learn to knit, I jumped at the opportunity! It took a little planning, but last Wednesday we all got together to buy some yarn, drink some wine, eat some pizza, and KNIT! I brought my yarn with me, but of course managed to spend too much money at the yarn store anyway. To be fair, I've been telling myself I can buy yarn required for WLKA projects. So I got enough Mirasol Miski for the Peaks Island Hood. I also had to buy needles to cast on a cowl. Who goes to knitting night without needles?

Anyway, I taught the girls to knit and started casting on a seed stitch cowl (inspired by Gap-tastic). The "party" went till almost 11 (on a school-night!) and I didn't even finish casting on - but the social knitting was just what I needed to reboot. I'm now done with my cowl, plus I organized my stash and added it to Rav (photo-less, but still an accomplishment)! Now that I'm back on track (with both my knitting and adjusting to California), I rewarded myself with... A KNITTING CORNER! That's right, I went from living on a couch to having a knitting corner!

~The Perpetually Prodigal Knitter, Lindsey

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