Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Damson Marches On!

My Damson is coming along nicely - I'm about 10 rows from starting the edging and it looks like I'll have enough yarn to finish the whole thing in TML! This presents a bit of a conundrum, however, as I've grown attached to the idea of a contrasting trim. I'm not sure I ever said it here, but my plan was to do the lacey edge with some leftover Colinette Jitterbug in the color Vincent's Apron - a sunny, mustard yellow. I think I'll stick to that for now, but if I end up not liking it, the wonderful thing about knitting is that you can rip it out if you need to!

(picture added after I've started the edging!)

I had to do just that when I was about to make the transition from the garter stitch body to the Stockinette stitch scallops. Somehow I ended up with not enough stitches, and so my yarn overs were totally out of place. Luckily a quick rip back and a few extra rows of garter got me back on track. As I got more stockinette fabric, I wasn't sure I like the sturdier feel in comparison to the squishy softness of the garter stitch body, but now I like them both and I think they're a nice contrast to each other.

I hope to finish Damson in the coming week, but lately it's had to fight for knitting time with a pair of socks for my boyfriend. The first is long done, and now I'm trying to fend off Second Second Syndrome! We'll have to see how well I manage that whole make-another-the-same-as-the-first thing with this project, since there are not one, but THREE pairs of gloves in the book!

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