Friday, August 5, 2011

Skipping Ahead

I know I know: You forgot I even existed. This is just a quick post to say I'm alive and well. Oh, and I finished Sonic (the Hedgehog, duh) and Veyla (minus the finishing touches) and even moved on to the Snapdragon Tam. I have to say, my internet-less days and long bus rides have been well spent. Who would've ever thought I'd be leading the pack? (For my dad and sister: A race! A race! Did I vin?)

I'll hopefully have plenty of time to go into a little more detail next week, but for right now let me just say that Veyla might be my favorite pattern ever! I can't remember a time I've actually enjoyed every part of a pattern so much (reminder: I haven't woven in ends or added buttons, so that part doesn't count). The fact that I knit it out of gorgeous Madelinetosh Eyre Light in Gossamer doesn't hurt either. I got the Eyre Light from Tangobka's stash on Rav (and used her picture below).

Signing off for now, but hopefully to return much sooner next time,

1 comment:

  1. On the one hand I applaud your hard work, but on the other I want to remind you this is a knit-long, not a knit race! Whatcha doing speedster? We're sad here being left in your dust!

    On another note, miss you and happy almost birthday!!!!!