Friday, August 26, 2011

Veyla (mostly) Done!

Kendra here and suddenly it feels like it's been AGES since I last posted! My apologies. I have been furiously knitting away though I've been very silent, I promise you that! First and foremost, I finished my Veyla Mitts (aside from buttons - need to find some still) and they are lovely...

One thing I can't recommend enough is to take the time to block the cuffs before picking up for the main portion of the hand - You just won't be able to fully open up the lace patterning once the cuffs are connected for working in the round. Having knit these before, I really wanted to be sure the lace patterning was visible, so I was pretty aggressive with my blocking. The result is pretty gauntlet-like gloves in the end, but at least they'll be nice and warm come late fall!
A few of my many distractions recently was the Summer Flies shawl by Donna Griffin which I knit up in the Lion Brand Collection Cotton Bamboo in Cherry Blossom. It worked up super fast and I love the end product.
Now I think we're all in agreement that Rhinebeck sweaters are taking center stage for a while, and after much vacillation I have FINALLY decided to knit the Estelle Cardigan (yes that's right, I changed one last time Claire!) out of my gorgeous madeleinetosh Tosh DK in Tart. I bought the pattern tonight just to commit and can't wait to start on my trip to Maine this week!

Speaking of which, you have probably heard that NYC is expecting a hurricane named Irene to past through on Sunday-ish, the exact day I was supposed to leave for a lovely getaway to Maine, somewhere I've wanted to visit since I was little. Expecting the worst, we've decided to leave a couple of days early so at least we'll get there, so off to Portland, ME I go tomorrow and I can't wait! In planning for the trip I started researching yarn stores in the area (of course!) and there are so many!!!! I have it narrowed down to at least KnitWit (flagstone shop for Quince and Co yarns, a line I've been dying to try out!) and Purl Diva (because apparently designer Cecily Glowik MacDonald stops by who I love, hah) So good luck to you all in this crazy weather and hopefully I'll have sweater updates from Maine!

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  1. You really can't make up your mind, huh? :) I like Estelle a lot though! I can study yours to see if I want to make it later. Hope you have a great time in Maine - I'll be busily knitting away, since work closed for Sunday! Hopefully I'll have a Veyla post to make soon as well.