Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From Garment to Yarn...

Claire here, checking in after the lovely weather that NYC has had lately! At least the unexpected long weekend gave me plenty of knitting time! I was able to finish the Veyla mitts completely, finding some embroidery floss in my stash that was an almost exact match for sewing the buttons on. I must say, they look quite elegant. I'll have to take them out someplace classy!

Like Kendra, I blocked my cuffs before picking up stitches and was afraid they were going to be too long, but once they are buttoned and on I think it's a nice length to wear with a coat.

I also got the body of Lansplitter done and set that to block, making it a proper rectangle rather than the trapezoidal shape that came off my needles. Now I just have to seam it (ugh!) before picking up for the waistband. I think I will do the ribbing on much smaller needles, like a size 5, and see if that will hold it up without any elastic.

I love the color change and the fact that you only have to do one purl row for every three knit rows! The garter ridges do give it a nice texture though. It's been such a fun and fast knit that I may have to make another when Rhinebeck is over.

I also got some progress made on Rivel, though it doesn't seem like much. Going from a size 9 (the skirt) to a size 5 (sweater) makes a difference! The waist shaping on the back is done and I'm almost ready to start the armhole bind off and shaping. I think I will do the fronts separately, but do the sleeves together so they are exactly the same. I'm a little nervous about seaming the set-in sleeves, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

And last, but not least, I have my yarn ready to go for the Snapdragon hat and mitts! It's all wound and ready to go, just waiting for me to finish Lanesplitter so I can cast on without feeling too guilty.

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