Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lindsey Makes Mistakes Aplenty

Remember that time when I said I made a mistake and lost a stitch somewhere. I lied. The mistake was in trying to make the number of stitches on each side of the markers even. I feel SO DUMB! Here's what happened: Instead of paying attention to total stitch count, I had decided to make sure that the sides had the same number of stitches until I got to the scallop. Then I checked what the total stitch count should be: 293. An odd number? How could that be if the number of "middle" stitches was even. Oh right, the sides aren't even because one has an extra stitch (there is a knit stitch on the left side of each marker, not in the center or outside. This will make more sense if you've knit it). So, the problem is once again easily solved (an unnoticeable decrease), but I still feel DUMB!

In better news, my larger mistake of the last 24 hours (leaving my wallet in East Hampton whilst I visit Brooklyn) has also temporarily been fixed. Well, sorta. I have cash thanks to the lovely folks at Bank of America, but is it really useful if I can't buy wine for the concert Kendra and I are going to tonight (without the ID in said wallet). I'm sure I'll think of something (probably while I trudge through the rest of Damson). Once again I'm going to make you all jealous (not really) with this thought (or random string of words): Court Yard Hounds, sunny Prospect Park Bandshell, wine, knitting, and of course the lovely Kendra. Even with all my mistakes, today is a good day.

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  1. Such an awesome day! Thanks for a fun Thursday :)