Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Starting Smith (aka Jess Makes Mistakes Aplenty)

Smith is tragically cute, but it's incredibly fiddly! From the complicated cast on to the spikes, there are plenty of places that your (read: my) knitting can (read: did) go wrong. I want to make it very clear that my mistakes were not the pattern's fault. It's very hot, so my brain is melting. First, I messed up the cast on, but I was okay with that because nobody should be staring at my hedgehog's booty. Then, I was cruising along with the knitting until I realized that my spikes were wrapping around my hedgehog further than they should. Turns out I misread round 9. While you're supposed to knit 1 and then knit the stitches together, I alternated between the two. Whoops! However, I've already attached two sets of spikes, so I do NOT want to frog! Instead, I'll just sew the spikes to wrap all the way around the body, and I'll work the rest of the spikes correctly. That'll look okay, right? Remember, kids, it's not nice to make fun of deformed hedgehogs!

The good news is that I've discovered a few helpful tips to make my Smith more successful!
  • Read the pattern correctly. (Apparently I don't take my own advice.)

  • Weave in the ends as you go. A little effort now will save you a lot of stress when finished the project!

  • Knit the spikes in advance. If you've got space on your needle or have spare needles, you don't have to keep alternating between knitting the body and spikes. In my case, I'm using DPNs, so I was able to knit 4 spikes before going back to the body!


Hopefully, these tips will help somebody else avoid hedgehog deformity!

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