Monday, July 11, 2011

Of Hedgehogs and Chickens...

Cuteoligist Claire reporting that it's about to get a lot cuter around here! We've started the hedgie Smith (although I've named mine Chester) and his companion mushroom. This is a great pattern for using up odds and ends from your stash, no matter what weight they are, since Ysolda has a chart for weights from fingering to heavy worsted, and the pattern itself is fairly adaptable. I'm using a light worsted yarn on US size 4 for the body, and US size 7 for the spikes. This is yarn from the deepest corner of my stash; some handspun alpaca I purchased early in my knitting career when my family took a trip to an alpaca farm in Indiana for my sister's birthday. It's extra appropriate since I started this little dude on her birthday this year! We'll see if he ends up making a home with her, or if I have to make a sibling :)

Hehe, I guess this post includes sheep too!

It's a fun construction technique too - you're pretty much doing the first step of a three-needle bind off when you join the spike row to the body. It's a little awkward, but much, much easier than sewing all the spikes on afterward! I went with conventional hedgehog colors for Chester, but I did see a very cute zombie-hedge on Ravelry!

The chicken part of this post comes with a sneak preview of part of my sister's gift. I know I'm safe posting here, since (hopefully) she won't have a chance to check this before I see her next week to give them to her!

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